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Neighborhood Pride Candles on Block Club
We believe visibility matters, and so we created a special pride graphic for every neighborhood and community area in Chicago. Our neighborhood Pride candle line is a fundraiser for the Trevor Project, and it was highlighted in a recent article...
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Orange Rhubarb - the Sunshine Standout
Orange Rhubarb is a vibrant component of our garden collection, and has a scent that is sunshine personified. It's more than just those two notes though, this fragrance includes notes of juicy fig and verdant geranium. Let's learn more about...
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Origins of the Honeycrisp Apple
Fellow apple enthusiasts and candle fans, let us tell you about the delightful saga of the Honeycrisp apple! Get ready to sink your teeth into the tale of how this crisp and delicious fruit came to be. Our story begins...
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