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INCENSE - New from Edgewater Candles!
We've spent the past several years dreaming, researching, developing, and producing incense. We're so excited that we can finally share this with you! If you thought you knew our scents inside and out, get ready for a whole new level....
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All About our 1969 VW
A question we get asked a lot is ‘what year is your van?’ It was made in Germany in 1969. We drive around to farmers markets and street festivals and we slide open the door and we have twelve candles...
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Edgewater Sweatshirts & T-Shirts
You may have noticed my lovely sweatshirt. You can get this hoodie on our website. In our store you can get our t-shirts. This is our edgewater shirt that is homaging the Kathy Osterman Beach, and the brown one homages...
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