Custom Candle Pouring

Do you have a special vessel you’d like us to turn into a candle? Read on!

Vessel Requirements:

  • All containers must be thoroughly clean inside, free of chips and cracks, and watertight.
  • Ceramic containers must be glazed and sealed.
  • Glass containers must be free of any chips or cracks. 
  • Cement vessels must be sealed and watertight. 
  • Metal vessels must be completely seamless.
  • Not all vessels are appropriate for candles, so we may determine that the vessel is unsafe for candle use.

Bring your vessel to us and choose a fragrance, we’ll do the rest! You can even pick two or more scents for us to blend together for a custom scent.

Please allow one week for your custom candle to be made.


Up to 2 ounces: $12 plus tax.

3 ounces - 6 ounces: $20 plus tax.

7 ounces - 12 ounces: $30 plus tax.

13 ounces or more: $3 per ounce.

Payment is required before production begins. We will email you when your candle is complete, and you can collect it during store hours. Contcat us using the form below to get started!

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