We’ve always been makers. When we first started pouring our own candles, we fell in love with the process of creating something unique with our own hands. But what really took hold was the amazing impact our community had on us, and how that led to finding our place among our neighbors and fellow businesses. In 2022, we opened the Edgewater Candles Store in the Historic Bryn Mawr District of Edgewater. We want to brighten our community, and lighting a candle is the first step.


The one thing we love more than making candles is being a part of an incredible community of crafters, small business owners, and candle lovers. It allows us to collaborate with other artisans, learn and grow with fellow makers, and share the passion for our unique palette of elevated modern fragrances.


Mason Jars

Our candles are poured in classic glass Mason Jars, and can be recycled or re-used once the candle is spent. You can bring your empty jars back to our store and we'll re-use or recycle them for you.

Soy Wax & Fragrance

Our candles are made from 100% soy wax from the midwest. We do not use any additives or dyes, and our fragrances are all non-toxic, phthalate-free, and skin safe.

Cotton Wicks

Our braided cotton wicks are metal free, ensuring a clean and even burn. We carefully select the diameter of the wick based on the size of the candle to ensure proper performance.


Mark, Stephen, and Allie work out of the main studios in Chicago and Evanaston. Kelly pours candles in her studio in Austin. She also participates in many local markets and craft fairs in Texas.

Our retail store in Edgewater offers a unique in-person shopping experience, and is also where we teach candle making classes. The store is located at 1050 W Bryn Mawr Ave.

From the Chicago Tribune - 2017:

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