Ceramic, Cement, and Glass Candle Vessel Collaborations

Ceramic, Cement, and Glass Candle Vessel Collaborations

We are big fans of makers and jump at the chance to collaborate with artisans for our candles. We've been really fortunate this year to work with some fabulously talented makers! Here are some images of their work, turned into candles by us. Each are one of a kind, handmade collaborative works of art. We are proud to offer them and honored to work with these artists.


Alue Design (Cement Open Vessel)


Brian Rowland (Hand blown cane striped glass)


Brizzi (Marbled Ceramic)


Buchenot Ceramics (Slab Built Ceramic)


David Kim (Thrown Ceramic)


Esme (Thrown Ceramic)


Feuille Ceramics (Thrown and Carved Ceramic)


Grounded Ceramics (Thrown Ceramic)


Held Ceramics (Thrown Ceramic with carving and openwork)


Joanna Kramer (Thrown Ceramic)


Mia Cassar (Thrown Ceramic with Slab Decoration)


Monsoon Pottery (Thrown Ceramics with Gold Accented Faux Kintsugi)


Natalie Santoro (Thrown and Painted Ceramic)


Nina Bird Ceramics (Slab Built Ceramics)


On The Slab Ceramics (Slab Built and Carved Ceramic)


Penguinfoot Pottery (Thrown and Raku Fired Ceramic)


Set Fire To It (Thrown and Painted Ceramic)


Twinette Poterie (Thrown, Painted, Carved, and Gold Accented Ceramic with Lid)