Orange Rhubarb - the Sunshine Standout

Orange Rhubarb - the Sunshine Standout

Orange Rhubarb is a vibrant component of our garden collection, and has a scent that is sunshine personified. It's more than just those two notes though, this fragrance includes notes of juicy fig and verdant geranium. Let's learn more about how these scents come together!

Orange has an aroma that nearly everyone loves, like a burst of invigorating sunshine. As the topnote of this scent, sweet orange is a welcome mood booster. Rhubarb, while a vegetable, is often used in sweet dishes since it imparts a delicious tartness. The tartness of Rhubarb is the mid note of this fragrance and cuts through the sweetness of Orange beautifully. Rounding out the base of this fragrance are the "not appearing in this title" Fig and Geranium. 

Sophisticated Geranium brings deeply verdant and slightly floral notes to the combination. Figs are one of the oldest cultivated fruits and have a rich and earthy sweetness that harmoniously balances with the other notes. 

These four scents come together in a fragrance that is mood lifting, refreshing, luxurious, and grounding all at once. It's equal parts earthy, tart, floral, and sweet. Its multifaceted nature is well rounded and universally loved.

All of our products are handmade with love! In a candle, this scent echoes the warm glow of the flame and fills your space with a scent perfect for summer or anytime you want this fresh burst. The Orange Rhubarb room spray allows you to liven up any area that could use a little fresh zest from your car to your pillows. And believe it or not, the incense develops these scents even further, and adds a mysterious allure of a smoky element. Orange Rhubarb is very popular as a soap, and is a top choice for a beautiful addition to your kitchen countertop. It's also available in other forms too such as wearable oils, bath salts, reed diffusers, and many sizes of candles.

Like all of our handcrafted scents, this fragrance is inspired by nature, the changing seasons, and earthy botanicals. We hope you love it as much as we do!