Persian Oud
Persian Oud
Persian Oud

Persian Oud

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Intoxicatingly complex Oud from the Agarwood tree of Indonesia, layered with the smoky fragrance of Persian incense. Notes of musk, wood, and spice converge into an evocative and mysterious scent.

Our 12oz soy candles are hand poured in small batches, and burn for approximately 75 hours.

What are your candles made from?

Edgewater Candles are made from midwestern soy wax, cotton wicks, and a blend of essential oils and phthalate-free scented oils. Using only these simple materials, with no additives or dyes, makes our candles clean burning and long lasting.


Can the Mason Jar be reused?

Yes. Our Mason Jars can be reused once the wax has been spent and the jar has been cleaned.


How long do your candles last?

Our 12oz Mason Jar candles burn for approximately 75 hours, and our 6oz Travel Tins burn for approximately 30-35 hours. To get the longest burn time from your candle, allow the wax to melt across to all edges of the container before extinguishing. This will help avoid “tunneling”, which can prevent some of the wax from being used. Keeping the wick trimmed will also ensure a longer burn time.


Are your candles made in the US?

Yes. All of our materials are sourced from the US, and we make our candles by hand in Illinois.


Do you offer special prices for large orders?

Yes, we can provide candles for parties, weddings, special events, or as gifts to clients. Please see our Weddings and Custom Gifts page for more information.


When will my order ship?

We will ship your order within 2 business days. You'll receive tracking information as soon as your package is sent. Please inquire about international shipping.


Do you sell your candles wholesale?

Yes! Click here to order, or contact us for more wholesale information.


Where can I find your candles in person?

Our candles can be found in several retail locations. Click here to view a map for more information.


What is your return policy?

Unlit candles may be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Contact us to arrange return shipping.




We started in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago in 2016 out of a love for fragranced candles and a desire for more sophisticated scents. Our candles are made with sustainable soy and come in reusable mason jars, but our hallmark is our uncommon scent palette. Our evocative combinations are inspired by the seasons, botanicals, and earthy woods.

We like to think of lighting a candle as the 'finishing touch' for your space. We all put thought into curating our furniture and art so that our environment is visually appealing, we incorporate textures to invite touch, and we build playlists so that it sounds just right. An Edgewater Candle adds the final additional sense of scent to really complete the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Mark Towns & Stephen Pearlman


Our Studios

Mark & Stephen work out of our main studio in Evanston,
where we also teach candle making classes.


Kelly Johnson pours candles in her home studio in Austin.
She also participates in many local markets and craft fairs in Texas.